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Cloaking to fool Google

Yesterday, I came across an interesting way that I had not heard of before to see if a page does cloaking. Cloaking is nothing unusual for the web, especially in industries where there is a lot of money to be made. Many affiliates operate using different methods to their outmost, and by that I mean that they sometimes gain position in the search results with methods that Google thinks is non-ethical.

Blogspot page that uses cloakingNow some background information about what I found. I sat and reviewed the top 100 competitors this week on for the keyword “casino”. I found nothing new, except that there were three blogspot sites that ranked well. The amount of text for the posts on each of these three blogspot sites surpassed 3,500 words. Upon closer examination, the sites had additionally spun content which had been translated into Finnish. As always the quality is poor. This is an example of the text -translated to English; The quality of the translation shows how poor the text is in both English and Finnish: ”Do not play . So , while enjoying optimum coins online casinos for striking big jackpots, something unique : the technological know-how to get games That give you a different video game , then you could enjoy at an internet casino . Showing some bonuses and special offers, it really is the best , however , is a clever When playing, regardsless if the game Provides casino bonus deals and special offers . Between the properties of Their favorites online . ”

Google bot

The page that google seeUsually you can see if these pages are cloaked from the Google bot. You can see if a page looks different for a Google bot by setting an agent to see the page as a Google bot would see it. You can even use the site command in Chrome and look at the cached page. But it is not certain whether cloaking can be that simply detected. There are different ways to do cloaking. I was quite surprised when I found this page as a result in Google Translate. However, I got this result only in Chrome with Google Translate.

Link acquisition

Large amount of links acquiered in a short timeI’m used to seeing a lot of casino sites who use different methods to rank for the term “Casino”. Often they acquire 30-70,000 links in a month but they seem to get faster with the automation of the link acquisition. These blogspot pages acquired their links in just 2 weeks. I’m sure it will not end until they acquire the links in one day. In the Scandinavian search results there seems to be nothing that is un-natural for Google. It will be exciting to see when sites in Scandinavian search results will be reviewed more harshly and what the outcome will be.

To rank high in Google search results – Method 1

Anyone who has an interest to appear high up in the search engine results knows that it requires more or less effort. Now, you might think I sound a little vague. It’s quite easy. If you are looking for stability and security then you should work long-term to create traffic and links to your page. Some of you that do this have obviously seen that this is not always a fair representation of what it looks like in the SERP. There are plenty of websites that climb to the top placements without apparent effort. When you work in a competitive segment like I do, you get to see on a daily basis proof of pages that use techniques not seen as correct by all. There are some different groupings within the SEO realm with different opinions on how to do SEO. There are many ways of working and they are many times divided into White hat, Grey hat or Black hat. I don’t like to categorize into specific categories because the methods are used in daily SEO work.

Search result In Google SE for the term casinoHowever, there are shortcomings in the search engines which make it possible of utilise individual methods to make money. Even if it’s for a short time to make money it can be very profitable if you do it in the right segment or market. Since I work in the Gambling segment, I see a lot of interesting techniques and tricks early before they become widely known. For selfish reasons, I will not write about the latest yet interesting methods.

Look at the picture to the right. This result is from 02/01/14 on the search term casino in Sweden. First page is shared by Gambling companies, Casino Cosmopol and affiliates. Wikipedia is pressed away from the results.

Some of the results on page one has gotten there in a month or less. The methods that the sites have used are different, short and long term. How do you get to page one in the search results within a competitive segment like gambling? The method that I was going to write about is simple and works well in Sweden because Google has not yet filtered out sites that use the method.

I would advise no one to make use of these methods, the aim is only to provide information about flaws in Google’s algorithm to present results.


301 Redirect

Large amount of 301 Redirects

The method is as I said simple. Obtain a number of sites with many incoming links, high trust or high PR. Do a redirect with a 301 to the site you want to get link traffic to from the other sites. The more sites you use for this the greater the likelihood that you end up high in search results. This is not how a Redirect should be used. The 301 intended to tell that a page has moved permanently to a new address. When that many sites are moving their page permanently to the same address ought to catch Google’s attention but do not always do that. Now, it is possible that several sites point its page into a new joint address, but it also means that they most likely had the same content on their sites, duplicate content.

There are many ways to use a 301 Redirect. This was just one of them, and perhaps the easiest method. I hope you got something new to think about from this article. The Internet is full of sites competing to position themselves as high as possible in search results. Good luck with your own search engine optimization.